Industrial Revolution Consequences

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Causes and Consequences of Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution is a historical event that was primarily started in the 18th century in Britain. This was a slowed changeover period, which replaced manual works by new technologies invented by the scientists of that era. As Stearns Chapter Outlines of world history states, this was a slow process of event that took many years to revolutionize completely (5). The outline refers the industrial revolution as an “enclosure movement”, which caused primarily by the eradicating the farming lands. This eradication caused the peasants and the farmers to loose their “livelihood” (5). Thus, it led to the motivation to get private lands, started the revolution with massive inventions and developments
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As a result of modern developing technologies, roads and railway routes were built in-between cities. This helped for the trading activities and exchange of goods and raw materials from one place to another. Also some historians argue that the trading routes were built because for trading the excessive productions by the machines. So there were bargaining among the cities and for that they made the routes. With the invention of steam power, invention of transporting using steam engine also started. Consequently steam engine locomotives such as steam ships and internal combustion mechanized ships were invented (Stearns outline 6). As I studied in my high school, in the same century of industrial revolution, wright brothers also invented the airplane, which consisted increased speed of transportation. Hartwell in his journal, “The Causes of the Industrial Revolution: An Essay in Methodology”, justifies the market expansion that includes the trading activities in 18th century. Hartwell suggested the reasons for the expansion of trading as a result of industrial revolution as the increase of domestic demands caused effective foreign transports (168). Robert Wilde, European Historian also agrees that the “colonial trade” increased the foreign trade policy and relation caused for the revolution (Causes and Preconditions for the Industrial Revolution). Also modern technologies that helped for building up…show more content…
Urbanization simply means developments and expansion of cities. In the industrial revolution period, with the increase of number factories and industries, farming lands were used up for those. Thus, villages turned into cities. People started to accumulate one main place and left villages, which were not giving advantages for farming. The urban life was changed and replaced with modernity such as “bus services, sidewalks, street lights, steam heating of homes, icebox refrigeration, indoor plumbing, sewing machines, canned food, urban sewage systems and medicine” (7). Also the communicational evolution happened. Thus people were able to contact each other easily, though they were drifted apart. With the communicational technology development, urbanization turned out into globalization. Stearns world history listed the communication evolution with the invention of telegraph, telephone and radio (7). Telephone and telegraph helped in communication while radio helped for broadcasting what was happening at the period. Thus people were able to know about the world because of this revolution. Obviously, this communicational revolution, which started from telephone in 19th century after industrial revolution developed immensely and now it reached the top with social media and Internet services, which packed the world in a fist. This huge change over has its own advantage and
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