Cause And Effect Essay About Drug Abuse

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Illegal drugs have different effects on what drugs you consume or took. Drug abuse is common these days among teenagers. Most of the drugs being abused have different effects.
Crystal methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, opium, psilocybin mushroom, pcp . There are many kinds of illegal drugs/ substances that took different effects on an individual are being abused by teenagers this days.

Most of these drugs looks like fine rock salt, a highly addictive stimulant can have a long-lasting effect on the human body. Some past users says they feel an “initial rush”, feeling of higher confidence or higher intellect than before they started using the drugs. But some users exhibit a violent behavior. Even
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Maybe you’re wondering why drug abusing teens are thinner in appearance than those of drug free teens, it is because of the side effects. Some of these are loss of appetite, significant weight loss, change of sleeping patterns, tremors different behaviors.

There would be no drug addicts if there were no sources. Most drugs came from smuggled container vans, underground illegal laboratories. Many are concealed and protected by authorities. A certain kind of drug in the Philippines called marijuana are known to be produced at the mountainous part of northern Luzon, Eastern Visaya, and Mindanao, those places are viable for cultivation. It is known that those marijuana cultivating location illegally export dried marijuana and distribute it to different location around the world. Other country are legally looking for sources of marijuana because of medical usage of marijuana for treating diseases such as epileptic shocks or mild seizures that occur on patients. Some states or country are using these techniques even though it is illegal to use marijuana in their location.

Surroundings also affects individuals to use drugs, if you obviously lives in a

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