Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

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Smoking refers to the act of burning substance and inhaling the resulting smoke. In most cases, the substance burnt is tobacco leaves in what is known as cigarette. According to World Health Organization, smoking cigarettes is one of the most abused drugs in the world. Although there are other drugs that smoked, cigarette is the most common type of smoking. Since 1920, campaign against smoking all over the world has been going on. The governments have also been on the front line to discourage smoking by increasing taxes levied on cigarettes. Reports from medical personnel show that most of the health problems, including heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, and sexual health problems have been linked to smoking of cigarettes. According to World Health Organization statistics, one individual in every group of ten dies from illness caused by tobacco (Friedman, 2002). Although the public has full knowledge of the risks involved in smoking cigarettes, they continue to smoke.

According to Hayden and Peterson (2013), among the smokers, teenagers encompass quite a large percentage. The main reason teenagers smoke the urge to look like their peers look more mature and experiment. In their lives, they are surrounded by relatives, parents who are probably smokers. Smoking makes them feel like they are adults just like their parents and relatives. Similarly, peer pressure may trigger smoking in order to be accepted in that social group. Social groups among young

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