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Most people experience stress on a daily basis. There’s the everyday stress of work, family, love life, social circle, and just the general stress of being successful in modern society. Stress can be good, some even seek it, but there are people that their stress level can get too high. Dealing with high stress can motivate these people to develop an addiction or to relapse. The point is that high stress leads to higher chances of addiction. In the course we have been discussing the effects of addiction on people and what leads to a person developing an addiction, but we have not explore the impact high stress has on abusers. Even non-addicts experience stress, most people experience stress. As a college student, I am constantly stressed out by some classes and about my future, which I am sure my peers share this feeling. It is important the we understand the effect stress has on addiction in order to help avoid a developing an addiction. As college students, we need to understand the importance of learning to relax without abusing drugs or other stimuli that makes us forget our troubles. In the article, it is clearly stated that high stress can lead to addiction. A person under great stress can turn to drugs, binging on food, or other self destructive behaviours in…show more content…
However, learning healthy coping mechanisms can help fight addiction and stress. In class, we learned about what can lead to stress, and many of the causes can be classified as also being the root of high stress levels. We need to understand that high stress can lead to people looking to release the tension and developing a dependency on drugs. As a college student, I am constantly under stress thus making this article useful to my everyday life. We need to learn how to cope with stress in order to avoid abusing substances in order to relax. Stress and addiction go hand in hand, and to fight one, we have to first make the other

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