Cause And Effect Essay About Vaping

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While walking down the sidewalk on a beautiful, sunny day, you walk in front of your favorite bakery which has it’s doors propped open and the gorgeous smells are trolling out of the sweet smelling bakery. You take a deep breathe in and all of a sudden are stopped mid-breathe by the scent of sour skittles. You look to your left and see a guy vaping, and the vapor coming from his device is eliminating the delicious scent of the bakery. Vaping has become a popular product on the market, but some of the effects it has on the body make it a worse choice than smoking. Those who vape are susceptible to bronchitis or severe cough, teary or dry eyes, and lung cancer. These risks that those who vape take are serious conditions, but those who do the vaping aren’t the only ones susceptible to these conditions, those around them are also exposed to secondhand vaping which is just as bad as taking in the vapor directly from…show more content…
During this time, it’s popularity has increased immensely. When vaping was invented, its main purpose was to become a more health safe alternative to smoking. This is true and it seems to be what vaping is becoming, but what we do have to look at are the possible long term effects of vaping. When you smoke and inhale those toxins into your lungs, your bronchioles and alveoli take in those toxins and either die, or slow down the replicating process of these cells. The cells are permanently damaged from the smoke. When you vape and inhale the vapor from the device, the vapor coats the inside of the alveoli of the lungs where the nicotine, alcohol, vegetable oil, flavoring, and other ingredients are directly and immediately diffused into the blood. This immediate diffusion into the blood is very harmful because not only is the blood affected, but the tissue and the lungs are affected directly as well. The alcohol and the vegetable oil in the ‘vape juice’ can cause lung cancer and severe cough or
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