Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The Civil War

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Causes of the civil war Slavery: The burning issue of slavery caused many problems that threatened the nation and its people. The northern and southern states fought for different motives during the war. The south wanted to succeed and create a confederation under their own constitution. The south was all about slavery and their economy depended on it. Slaves ran the plantations and were able to be sold to pay off debts. On the other hand, the north took many measures to abolish slavery. The north already had immigrants from Ireland and Germany so they did not believe in slavery. This caused many many problems to arise between the north and south. States rights: Ever since the very beginning of the nation, the power between states and the federal government has been a very debatable issue. The United States Constitution helped strengthen the central government. It guaranteed certain rights to the people. The states were told to deal with their own internal affairs. Then, major issues within the states caused the…show more content…
After the war, 4 million African Americans were freed and the Union was saved. Also, slavery was abolished. Before the Civil War, the powers of the federal government were very limited. There were many slaves working hard, and women with very few rights. During the war, slavery became the most prominent issue. Black men and white men fought alongside each other. The war brought a much stronger federal government while the state governments still had rights over themselves. The federal government had to get control again over the major issues and topics. Since the Emancipation Proclamation, it gave freedom to all African Americans. African Americans were not forced to slavery. They were able to start working and creating a life for themselves. In some places though, they still were not able to have full human
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