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Drug abuse can have many physical effects on your body and emotional effects on your family and friends. There are many reasons why people become addicted to drugs, but for some it’s in their genes. One of the biggest reasons someone starts to use drugs is because of their environment. The influence of others has a large part of the introduction to drug abuse. Peer pressure is a good example of this. If your friends use drugs you will become tempted and curious to try it with them. This can lead to you becoming addicted and continue to abuse drugs on a daily basis. While there are many causes of drug abuse, the effects can be life threatening and possibly cause you to lose your family and friends.
Some people have previous family members that
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They might steal, lie, or hurt you even though they never would when they are sober . If they need more drugs bad enough, they could steal from their closest relatives or friends and that could cause them to lose their friendships and trust. Drug users also become very unreliable. You can ask them to do favors for you and they will be so messed up on drugs that they forget and never do what you ask from them. They also may get easily distracted when doing things because their focus is on getting more and using drugs. Drug users will tend to not be able to hold a job because of their addiction and that could lead to a family member being pressured into helping them out. This could become a problem because the family member could not want to help them out so they are forced to because they do not want their relative to struggle. There are many causes and effects of drug abuse on the user and their family and friends. There have been many people that have lost their closest friends and family due to the way they acted when they were addicted to drugs. The health risks people take when they abuse drugs can be life threatening. When people are using, they do not think about how they could overdose at any second and keep taking that risk so they can get

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