Cause And Effect Essay: Effects Of The American Revolution

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American Revolution Effects Essay The American Revolution was the war in which Great Britain’s thirteen North American colonies won their independence. The revolution began in 1775 and ended in 1783. Some causes of the revolution were unfair, harsh taxes, the American colonies wanted to be independent and they felt that it was necessary to have a say in what goes on in Britain’s parliament or to at least vote for Britain’s law makers. After the war, the colonies became a new country, the United States of America after a Declaration of Independence in 1776. Some effects of the American Revolution were the Abolition Movement, the Native Americans losing their homes, the Treaty of Paris and the southern slaves still being enslaved. After the war, there was a growth in the Abolition Movement. There was an anti-slavery society founded by Quakers in 1775 and this movement thrived mostly in the northern states. After the war, the North began to free slaves by thousands and about twenty thousand slaves were freed. This resulted in the growth of free black communities. Slaves were also promised freedom if they fought in the war. However, the ban of the importation of slaves eventually…show more content…
Because of the war, people had become settlers seeking a new place to make their home. But unfortunately, these places were already occupied and developed by Native American tribes. Without care, the settlers destroyed their homes and the tribes had to look for a new place to live. Also, most Native Americans sided with Britain during the revolution. After the Treaty of Paris was signed, it did not provide for the Native Americans that had sided and helped Britain and they were not even represented at negotiations. To make matters worse, the British granted the Americans the land between the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River which was the Native Americans’ territory; resulting in them losing even more
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