Cause And Effect Essay: J. Lo And Puff Daddy

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Spotted by TMZ, singer Jennifer Lopez also known as J. Lo was partying with hip-hop mogul P. Diddy also known as Puff Daddy, also known as Sean Combs during the after-party of the American Music Awards. The two were seen close to each other again, like it was 1999 back when they were still dating. J. Lo and P. Diddy getting cozy again 16 years since they ended their relationship only proves that time can heal everything. She has been through a lot when it comes to jumping from one relationship to another after Diddy. She was almost married to actor Ben Affleck and was even married to singer Mark Anthony. Both relationships from those men didn 't work and but now she has her own kids, with ex Mark Anthony and a new man named Casper Smart. confirmed that Smart and Lopez are still dating despite going on and off in their relationship. He was even there with J. Lo during the AMAs and the after party. Smart is a choreographer and has a net worth of $1 million, which actually progressed over the years of doing his job. A lot of people might see this as an issue because J. Lo 's net worth is $310 million, but so far, he is able to keep up with his woman 's image and is not insecure about the whole issue on their wealth like what the public is imposing.…show more content…
J. Lo was last seen with P. Diddy 16 years ago after the rap star was jailed for violating the law by carrying illegal weapons, which was also related to a shoot out that happened in New York that same year. But now the two looked like they were ready to bury the hatchet, as both were seen smiling and in good terms with their respective new

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