Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is in fact the ending of pregnancy before birth and refers to the destruction of the embryo or foetus prior to life by removing the fetus in the uterus. An abortion can be either occurs naturally, that is due to an accident, disease, trauma or genetic incompatibility of the mother and foetus. Or, it can occur artificially, that is the foetus is removed by medical means or in the backstreet by unqualified people known as charlatans. Such risky abortions often result in septicaemia. Abortion is a major problem affecting most couples especially when contraceptives are ineffective. Abortion is accepted in many countries such as Indian and China but illegal in others countries. There is a huge debate all around the world whether to legalize abortion or not. The first school of thought affirms that abortion is the most effective strategy to eliminate backstreet abortion performed by charlatans. Such abortions are not only unsafe but also risky. In Latin America countries like Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, about one million are admitted annually in hospital due to incomplete abortion. As a result, this causes problems in the reproductive system. Worldwide, forty two million abortions are estimated to take place annually with twenty million unsafe abortions, five million health problems and seventy thousand maternal deaths. Also, what about pregnancy resulting from rape or incest? How can we refuse abortion to young girls who are still immature to shoulder responsibilities

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