Cause And Effect Essay On Brain Drain

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In this great big world, lie the poor and developing countries struggling with the “Brain Drain” phenomenon. The country of my birth, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), is one of those countries. The term brain drain refers to the "emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country”. It is the situation where poorer countries lose its best workers to wealthier countries. Although it is a person’s own choice whether to leave their country or not, the causes of their departure and the effects it has on the country make this issue incredibly important to me. There are several causes for people migrating from underdeveloped countries. According to the article “Brain drain from developing countries”…show more content…
The article “Brain Drain problem” by Tejvan Pettinger imparts what those various effects are. To emphasise, Pettinger writes, “the brain drain causes a failing health care system, poorer rates of growth and development, a shortage of key skilled workers, and a reduction of confidence in the economy”(1). The effects are very severe to a developing country and could be the cause of its termination. For instance, young students here in Micronesia leave the islands in search for quality education and future jobs. As a result, the shortage of skilled workers increases and the possibility for Micronesia to improve decreases. The youth is the future of the nation, but what will become of it if majority of the nation's future no longer live here? How can FSM move up from its status as a developing country if people keep leaving? We are losing future doctors, engineers, scientists, and students who can make our nation great. The highly trained and qualified people are the key factors in helping the country grow into one that will sustain and retain its people. As more of the needed intellects leave, FSM will only become poorer and will not be able to

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