Cause And Effect Essay On Bullying

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What is bullying? Bullying is hurting someone unreasonably or to cause embarrassment. School is supposed to be a place where students should feel safe and sound. Many students have difficulty to go to school every day due to bullying issues. Bullying is becoming a terrible problem in our society. Many kids and teenagers are afraid to go to school and afraid of getting harassed by their peers. The person being bullied may experience depression, social anxiety, sleeping problems, loss of interest in activities they used to like, and eating. The psychological effects for the bullied include suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
Cyber bullying Have you ever been bullied? Or know someone who has been bullied before? Bullying happens every day at any time and it’s been observed in the school yards, classrooms, and school bathrooms. Bullying also has negative effects on you like, anxiety problems, health problems, sleep deprivation, and low self-esteem may occur. As indicated by the bullying statistics, suicide is caused by bullying and one of the causes of death for young people. About 35 percent of kids have been threatened online. (Welcome to Bullying Statistics, n.d.) There are many types of bullying: physical bullying, cyber bullying, and sending nude photos to your friends or anyone. People get bullied on the internet, at school, and in public places, such as bathrooms and small alleys. According to teen suicide statistics, males are four times more likely to die from suicide

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