Cause And Effect Essay On Child Abuse

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Child abuse is when a parent or guardian injures, kills, emotionally harm, sexually harm, etc. their child. There are about two point nine million reports on child abuse every year in the US alone. Also only counting the US there were 1593 deaths caused by child abuse and neglect in 2012. While there are many types of child abuse like physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglecting their children it can also affect the children’s future if they survive. Emotional abuse of a child is the most common abuse which when the parents or guardians seriously interfere with a child’s, emotional, psychological, and/or social development. Types of emotional abuse are ignoring, rejecting, isolating, verbally assaulting, and neglecting, etc. the child. James Garbarino, an expert on emotional abuse says that the persistent and continuous emotional abuse that “erodes and corrodes a child” (1994); but if parents occasionally do it because they are overwhelmed then it does not count as child abuse. Emotional abuse can happen in all types of families due to the poor parenting, isolation from society, inappropriate expectations, and stress they inflict upon their children even though the parents want the best for their children. Emotional abusive parents usually have goals for their children that their children want; and they go to extremes to achieve those goals (aggression, verbal abuse, social blackmail, and social isolation). Emotionally abused victims often repeat what
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