Cause And Effect Essay On Child Soldiers

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As soon as a recruited child soldier take their first step towards a military camp, their countdown for being exploited & torture begins. Child soldiers are children under 18 who are recruited by state or non-state armed groups. In the last 2 years, 20 states have been reported to have child soldiers in government, government-affiliated, and non-state armed groups. According to child soldiers reported in government or insurgent military services, 87% have seen child soldiers deployed. 71% have seen child soldiers under the age of 15 deployed. Additionally, these under aged children often get manipulated by their commanders after getting recruited. Imagine going to school with your friends and a bunch of soldiers suddenly jumps out of a car, immediately attack you, and you end up getting kidnapped. Numerous child soldiers have been through dreadful moments like this. Most child soldiers get kidnapped and seized from their families. In fact, some are kidnapped from schools, their beds, or even soccer fields. Similarly, Michel Chikwanine an ex-child soldier was kidnapped by a rebel militiamen from a soccer field near his school in the Democratic Republic of Congo when he was only 5 years old. The militiamen took him to his camp, and…show more content…
They got abused and didn’t get treated. If anyone had any diseases they would have to die. Even having diarrhea could be a life and death issue. Norman was taken to a commander named Ojara, where he was told that they were going to write his name. However insane Ojara commanded four teenagers to beat Norman constantly for no appropriate reason. Norman was told not to scream or else they would murder him. Blood came out in tears from his eyes, and his face was intensely swelled
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