Cause And Effect Essay On Concussions In Sports

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Concussions in Soccer and Football A concussion is a very serious brain injury. Concussions are considered a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). A concussion can happen to anyone. A concussion is caused by something hitting the head and having whiplash. The whiplash causes the brain to shake violently back and forth. The brain may bounce and hit the skull or even twist in the skull creating a chemical change or stretching and damaging brain cells. Concussions are considered a mild brain injuries because most of the time they are not life threating, but can be if very serious (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Most people get concussions during a sport. The most concussion occur in football for boys. 47% of sports concussion happen in high school football games. Girls get the most concussions in soccer. 33 of girl soccer players out of 100,000 receive a concussion. In 2012 emergency rooms treated 325,000 teens for a concussion. From 2002-2012 there was a 200% increase in emergency room visits and the number of reported concussions (Huffington Post). When a concussion occurs it is important to let the brain to relax. If a person receives a concussion and then gets another one while they…show more content…
Concussions are very common in football because there is so much contact in football. A concussion can happen even when the head is not hit. The whiplash of a body moving unexpectedly can also cause a concussion. In football people are being tackled and they are not prepared causing concussions. Also when there is a restart of play and everyone lines up at the line of scrimmage heads hit together really hard hurting people. In younger leagues football teams have stopped using the three point stance at the line of scrimmage in which the head is the first point of contact. The teams have switched to a two point stance. In the two point stance hands make the first contact, protecting the head

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