Cause And Effect Essay On Crayfish

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Recently, the famous clear waters of Crater Lake and the Mazama Newt that resides there have been threatened by the expanding crayfish population. In 1915, humans wanted to provide food for the non-native fish in the lake, so they introduced crayfish. In addition to threatening the newt, a drastic change in population threatens the magnificent clear waters of Crater Lake. Officials have attempted to place large, metal underwater barriers to try and slow the spread of the crayfish. The 18-inch tall metal barriers would be placed in certain spots around the lake, perpendicular to the shoreline, similar to a wheel and its spokes. The barriers would be placed so that the crayfish will be separated from the newts, since about two-thirds of the lake is swarming in crayfish.…show more content…
During the winter, crayfish go to the nether levels of the water, but will come back to the shores during the warmer summer months. “Unfortunately,” says Dr. Sudeep Chandra, a biology professor at the University of Nevada in Reno, “getting rid of the crayfish completely is nearly impossible with our current techniques”. Traps have been used to try and catch some of the crayfish, but nevertheless, only limited amounts have been captured. There have been experiments to find a deterrent for the crayfish. Although some have been discovered, they are too virulent to use near other species. The newts and other native animals in the lake now have to compete with the crayfish for food, crayfish have even been known to kill newts at times. The park’s aquatic biologist, Mark Buktenica, says "You can hardly turn a rock over without finding a juvenile or adult crayfish." Scientists and researchers are trying to quickly find a way to install barriers that wouldn’t be visible to park visitors, but will keep the crayfish separate from the native
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