Cause And Effect Essay On Distracted Driving

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Have you ever lost a loved one due to those dramatic accidents? Places in the world, tons of people die from distracted driving. While there are many people you think that might not be distracted, you’ll even be in that position where an accident happens in a blink of an eye without even knowing. About 1,000 people in the U.S are injured every day. Crashes claim more lives than you think which is a big problem in the world. Although you are cautious, it always ends up being the other person on the road. This research paper will explain the History, the Effects, and Solutions to distracted driving.

Distracted driving has been a big problem for a while but the big question everyone wants to know about is, “how do people get distracted while driving ?” Well you are about to find out now, there are many ways people could get distracted while driving. There is drinking, technology, and drug use. But there could be more that you never thought of. First of all there is drinking. Alcohol can affect you in many ways, especially when your driving because your brain isn’t able to think as well when your driving. According to the article “Driving while impaired-Alcohol and drugs” (2015) The driver of the vehicle uses their hands and eye coordination so they need that to pay attention to the road before they cause a bad accident. Alcohol could get ahold of that and make it difficult for the driver to concentrate. In the same article it says that Alcohol slows down the functions of the
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