Cause And Effect Essay On Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse has always been a problem since as long as we know it in this world. Drugs itself are substances that acts by modifying our body’s normal function. Even though there are drugs that are being used for medical purposes, drug being used not for the intended purposes or drug being used over the fixed doses of usage is considered illegal. Using drugs does not mean that a person is definitely an abuser but it will eventually lead to the state of drug abusing remembering how drug user tend to be addicted to the drugs that they are using. Drug abuse itself affects humanity health and well-being and it also threatens the lives of human beings in every country that we know of. Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems that keeps destroying the humanity. Throughout the years we’ve been dealing with drug abuse cases such as drug dealers,…show more content…
This lead to the destruction of humanity because of the medical disorders it gives such as cancer, liver problem, and many other problem that may leave the person suffering the illness impaired. Many cases of drug abuse also leads to overdose that may kill the user and that happens everywhere in large number. There’s no helping a person that have become a drug abuser since they don’t call them abuser for no reason, meaning that the person will abuse the drug until they’re so wasted they will do anything to get it such as stealing or robbing other person or even their family members things. Drug abuser usually end up in either a rehabilitation establishment or hospitals for mentally ill person. There has been a survey research that shows that most cases involves teenager and young adults which mean that they wasted their most precious time in their lives using drugs than developing themselves to survive in the

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