How And Why Do Earthquakes Happen Essay

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How and Why Do Earthquakes Happen?

World Geography

Janet de Guzman

Puriyod Laohabutr

Grade 9G

March 13, 2018



Introduction What are Earthquakes? An Earthquakes takes place when two blocks or pieces of the Earth’s crust suddenly slip pass one another or, the piece of land collided into each other. The surface where they slip or collide is called a “fault place”. The location below the earth’s surface where the earthquake starts is called the “hypocenter”, and the location directly above it on the surface of the earth is called the “epicenter.” Foreshocks, Mainshocks, and Aftershocks Sometimes an earthquake has fore shocks. These are smaller earthquake that occurs before a larger seismic event. The largest main earthquake is called the “main shock”. Main shocks are always
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P waves is a longitudinal or compressional waves that can travel through solid and liquid, whereas S waves is a transverse wave that can only travel through solids. Surface waves are both longitudinal and transverse wave and it move in a direction that is both parallel and perpendicular to the direction of wave motion. The P waves causes the particle of rocks to vibrate forward and backwards in the direction of the waves. On the other hand, S waves causes the particles of rocks to oscillate at right angles to the direction of waves. When P and S waves reached the surface of the Earth they get converted into long waves that travel along the surface, vibrating horizontally at right angle to the direction of the waves are called “Love Leaves” or “Rayleigh” waves as they also travel like a sea waves. The most violent shocks and subsequent destruction is caused by the L

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