Preventing Homelessness

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Homelessness can affect anyone in any community at any time. People may think to become homeless that a person must be lazy, on drugs, or must be uneducated but that is not always true. There are a lot of factors that can make a person become homeless, such as divorce, domestic violence, lack of child support, and most commonly, losing your job . The factors for homelessness may change depending on the area and social class the person is in. For more wealthier and upper class people, becoming homeless is less common. However, becoming homeless within a wealthier community will usually be a cause from foreclosure on property. At times it may seem hard to prevent homelessness when things begin to get hard, but it is possible to prevent it if…show more content…
It would be adjacent to Marion Barry’s creation of the DC youth program, which was created to keep the youth out of trouble and provide them with the funds to get what they need instead of having to steal to provide for themselves. These jobs will help keep the homeless people stable, especially for those homeless people who have had an opportunity to have rapid rehousing. “But experts are divided on whether “rapid rehousing” programs that provide short-term rental aid will keep individuals and families from becoming homeless again.” (Katel, Peter), because the most difficult part for homeless people is staying stable, rapid rehousing is not helpful alone because it is not permanent. These jobs will keep money flowing so that even after the rapid rehousing program is up for the people they’ll still afford keep a roof over their heads.
It is impossible to stop all the factors that contributes to homelessness but it can be made more manageable. Creating more jobs and filling them with homeless people who needs jobs to survive will change the economy because there will be less people needing assistance. The work force may even become more prosperous because the homeless people understand that they need their jobs to survive so they may work even harder than the regular workers. This effort will slowly reduce the homeless rates in the United
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