Cause And Effect Essay On Hurricanes

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A hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone, which forms over tropical or subtropical water (NOAA’s National Ocean Service). when a storm’s wind speed is 74 mph it is called as hurricane. Hurricanes form in Atlantic basin. Different examples of hurricane are hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy that made massive destruction in their areas. The warm and moist air rises over the ocean surface, this air moves up and away from the surface and then there is less air left near the surface, warm air rises causing an area of lower air pressure and cause hurricane formation that severely affect the nearby areas.
In this we will discuss the hurricane formation, their causes and effects on climate and populations and how can
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• They will tell you when you need to take shelter.
• NOAA provides continuous emergency weather broadcasts from local stations. Check your local listings.
• Disaster supply kit: Make sure your family has a disaster supply kit assembled and ready to use. Ask your family to decide on a meeting place in case you get separated during a disaster. If you have pets, you need to find a place for them to stay if you have to evacuate your home.
The intensity of hurricane can vary in Atlantic basin. 95% of all intense hurricane occurs during August to October. over 80% of all intense hurricanes originate from African easterly waves, intense hurricanes are responsible for more than 70% of destruction caused by tropical cyclones in the United States, an understanding is needed of the physical mechanisms for these observed variations of intense hurricane activity.
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