Cause And Effect Essay On School Bullying

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School Bullying Quarreling, fighting, or bullying is common when children growing up. It is a universal and general phenomenon, therefore it is usually misunderstood by teachers and parents that school bullying is normal in children development that does not need to pay any attention to it. In fact, neglect to school bullying may lead to great negative outcomes, both learning and psychological aspect, in students. The following we will take a look and examine the causes, effect and prevention in school bullying. What is school bullying? School bullying is bullying that occurs in an educational setting. According to Olweus (1993), bullying require an intention to harm, the deliberation is not accidental. Second, bullying is persistent, it happens more than once or repetitively. Third, there is power inequity between the victims and the bully. There are different types of bullying. Physical bullying may be the most appealing type, it could easily attract attention from teachers or adults. For example, punching, kicking, fighting, use objects as weapons to hurt others etc. Verbal bullying often occurs too. For example, direct foul language, using derogatory terms. The above two examples are direct bullying, there are also indirect bullying. Spreading rumors,…show more content…
It is because they may feel afraid of being bullied again and their coping skills are not enough. Their school performance may fall due to skipping class or cannot pay enough attention in class to avoid being bullied. They consider school unsafe and unhappy. Also, eating disorder and sleeping problem may develop, even they are able to sleep, they are more likely to have nightmares, and in turn their quality of sleep is not good. Moreover, victims suffer from low social status, peer rejection and isolation even become worse. They may develop low self- esteem and feel abandoned as well as isolated. (Smokowski et al, 2005, Vanderbilt et al,

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