Cause And Effect Essay On School Shootings

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The Vicious Cycle School Shootings Create As school shootings are on the rise, so are students’ fear all across the nation. “According to Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been at least 149 school shootings since 2013, 52 this year alone” (Board). This shows that school shootings have become more prevalent over the years. Violent people who feel depressed, attacked, or alone, may become school shooters. While some feel these may be the causes, others think that accessibility to guns is the number one factor in these attacks. The causes lead to school shooters who go into schools either with targets or to show their power and they try to harm others. After the attack, the effects can be severe considering it can cause physical and mental issues to the victims or witnesses. This controversial and seriously impacting tragedy has made a huge impact on the world and many are trying to find ways to stop it. There are many layers to school shooting that the world needs to understand. School shootings which are usually done by males (aged 13-18), mostly happen during the school day. Although, in some more than one person was involved, in most of them one person attacked the school with a plan and a target or targets. As for the types of people who are school shooters, and most have opinions about what …show more content…

These acts of violence make school a place of fear rather than a place of safety. When did school become a place to worry and feel unsafe? Not only that but this event is a vicious cycle and as of right now it is unable to be contained. The news stories on the media of these events may be aimed to show people how tragic they are, but the shooters take the news stories as inspirations and school shootings continue to be on the rise. These stories not only feed into the shooters, but they also play a part in the fear that takes a toll on children across the

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