Cause And Effect Essay On School Violence

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More people should care about school violence because it has happened so frequently over the past ten years, that when school violence does occur, it doesn’t make headlines like it used to. School violence affects those directly involved, such as students and teachers, but also that entire community surrounding the school. The great extent of these troubling times make it difficult for people to come to terms with what is actually happening in the world they live in today. The controversies are over what could be potential causes to school violence. However school violence effects are more evident than the causes. School violence has become far too popular and professionals need to start providing answers towards what could be probable causes to school violence and furthermore…show more content…
School violence is caused by various sources and researches are presented by the challenge of being more specific with causes. Psychologists have an idea of what could lead a person to school violence, but the answers aren’t definitive. One thing that professionals agree on is the easy access to weapons. The increased easy access to weapons has lead “to a sharp increase in gun deaths and injuries” (Costly). Easy access to weapons is a problem because it makes purchasing weapons that much more appealing because it is hassle free. People don’t like having to deal with frustrating policies, so when they find an easy way out, typically humans will take that opportunity. Not only is easy access to weapons a cause of school violence, but cyber abuse is another found cause of school violence. Cyber abuse is extremely common in today’s world. With the whole internet at the touch of fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Students are able to search whatever they want, whenever they want, with no repercussions. This ability to search with efficiency means that students are able to explore the world of weapons and violence. Of course parents and

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