Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking

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Smoking We find people arguing and discussing several topics like politics, corruption, inflation and crimes sitting at different public places such as tea stalls, eating joints etc. Though all these discussions remain meaningless to them staying at these places can prove to be really harmful to them because of their exposure to the smoke at these places. Don 't get what we are talking about? Smoking! Cigarette smoking is perilous both for those who practice it and for those who don 't. ACTIVE SMOKING causes 87% of the lung cancer deaths. Tobacco smoke has 7000 chemicals including at least 70 cancer causing carcinogenic agents. The other damaging components of smoke are: .Nicotine – an addictive product which makes one crave for more of it. .Tar Tar – a sticky brown substance that coats the lungs and affects lungs . .Carbon monoxide –a fatal gas that combines with blood more easily than oxygen and affects organs .Hydrogen cyanide – the hair of the lungs that clean them get paralyzed by this gas which finally leads to poisoning of lungs. .Radioactive components – tobacco has radioactive components also called carcinogenic EFFECTS OF SMOKING: The Human body protects itself with the help of its Immune system, smoking weakens this immune system causing infections, diseases and damaging the organs. The more you smoke the higher is the risk as it affects different areas in the body : *Smoking

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