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Defining the issue with smoking

So what 's the issue with smoking …… why does it have such a negative view from people? Well smoking is one of the BIGGEST preventable death issue. Smoking tobacco and its second hand smoke alone cause more deaths per year than AIDS, alcohol abuse , other drug abuse , car crashes , murders , suicides , and fires Combined.In the us smoking kills 480,000 people per year , this is nearly 1 in every 5 people.

So the next question is HOW. How can a small cigarette which releases smoke when burned harm us.In reality cigarettes harm our bodies not in one way but , many.Cigarettes smoke contains 7000 chemicals, 250 of them are known to be harmful , and 69 of them are known to cause cancer. smoking cigarettes is what
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Smoking can also lead to blindness.Smoking dulls our sense such as eye sight , taste and smell. Smoker are more likely to have cavities and loose teeth at younger age.permanently Stained teeth and a foul smell.Smoking can cause you to lose elasticity and make your skin dry leading to wrinkles and stretch marks and it makes your skin tone dull and greyish,this adds years to your appearance.


Smoking damages the natural cycle of bone health , makes us less able to make new bone tissue while it also breaks down existing bone tissue , Over time use of cigarettes can lead to thinning of the bone , loss of bone density which makes your bones weaker and more brittle giving you a higher chance of bone fracture.

Other side effects

Unable to appreciate taste of many foods
More vulnerable to seasonal fluids and colds
Buying cigarettes is a waste of money and time
While smoking you are dangerous to others surrounding your such as your family , pets ,

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