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People easily can get stress nowadays from many place such as workplace, school and playground. Even though, they get stress everyday but they did not know what is stress actually. This had been a big issued for a long time already due to many cases such as suicide, and drugs. Many people commit to suicide when they cannot handle their stress properly and did not tell their stress to anyone. For the most of drug addict started to consume drug when they did not get any attention or caring from their parents or their parents always scold them to release their stress in work. So what is stress actually? How can stress causing so many trouble in someone life? Basically, stress is something which we cannot see but we can only feel on it. It is a…show more content…
It is very good since you can learn how to manage your time correctly and most of the challenge if there are no stress on it there will be totally bored. However as I mentioned above there were more harm than its benefits. It can totally disturbed your emotion, physical and mental. According to University of Sydney (2011), stress not only can make harm for those who are having it but it also can make people surrounding him/her be harmed since we cannot predict their emotion correctly. Stress on physical is more concerned on the health. There are many types of hormones that produced during stress and most of it are not good to our body. For example, adrenaline and cortisol which always produce negative effect to our body. It will makes us to think slow and do action slowly which was not supposed to be. Mental is something easily change to negative minded when we are on stress. It is something must not occur because with negative mind we cannot achieved anything in this world. Finally, to avoid from getting all of this stress effects we need to way to overcome it. Stress can be minimized when we know its way such as exercise regularly, having a healthy diet foods and relaxation technique so that we will reduce our anger to have a better concentration in doing some work with full of confident on your own

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