Cause And Effect Essay On Teenage Depression

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As children grow into teenagers and young adults they will face many struggles and hardships. Although that is normal, depression rates are becoming more abnormal and continuously increasing through time. A surprising 11.2 percent (Noguchi) of teens have major depression with an even larger 25 percent suffering from anxiety (Noguchi) and shows no signs of lowering, leaving people questioning how the depression rates have risen so high and so quickly in these young people. There are many factors in what causes depression of youths and the overwhelming rise of it alongside anxiety and social phobias. Many teens repress their feelings of anger which leads to a buildup of stress and eventually ends in major depression and outbursts. Yet they are too afraid to show their feelings to an adult who could help because many do not believe nor respect teen depression and stresses. Through all the stresses and buildup with lack of help they also are being overwhelmed with parent and school expectations of always needing to overachieve and never showing weakness, which creates a feeling of loneliness and rejection. The parents are putting academic responsibilities ahead of the child 's emotional wellbeing makes them feel as if they are a disappointment and unimportant to their family which lowers their self esteem and leads to feeling depressed. A major sign to look for is a drop in grades which could indicate a lack of focus that is onset by feeling this depression but then it will

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