Essay On Tobacco Addiction

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“Tobacco: deadly in any form or disguise” – WHO 2006. Tobacco addiction is a global epidemic that is spread around countries and regions. Epidemic that has been documented in country after country, driven by an industry that puts profit ahead of life and its own economic gain ahead of the development of struggling countries. Tobacco companies continue to develop new products to maintain their profits, often by producing new products in form of more attractive and reduced harmfulness. Tobacco products have many forms of consumption; which means products entirely or partly made of the leaf tobacco as raw material, which are manufactured, to be used for smoking, sucking, chewing or snuffing - it is not only manufactured cigarettes produced and…show more content…
Roughly 7 out of 10 people in the world report that they are ‘very stressed’ about money, and 1 out of these 10 people report that they are not stressed about money. Financial stress is a direct symbol of economic deprivation and often refers to not being able to pay for essentials such as food or rent due because of shortage of money. Financial stress has also been shown to be associated with smoking. Among smoking households, financial stress was related to higher percentage of total expenditure on tobacco. The link between financial stress and smoking is not too rich. To my research there has been exanimated only by two studies. Graham used cross-sectional and qualitative data from a sample of working mothers and reported that the main reason for relapse after a break was difficulty in coping with everyday problems and stress, including financial stress (Graham 1993). Dorsett & Marsh used longitudinal data from a sample of lonely mothers, whom were not in the labour force and were receiving income support (Dorsett & Mash 1998). The authors concluded that smoking provides and affordable booze for the stress experienced my lonely mothers and that financial trouble was the main barrier to
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