Cause And Effect Essay On Train Crossing

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How closely do you pay attention while near a train crossing? Trains are a very different kind of transportation that are not like cars or bikes. They are very limited to when and where they will stop. As drivers or pedestrians, we need to be extra carefularound railroad crossings. Many warning devices are posted to keep us out of harm's way. Knowing the hazards around us and tips of being around railroad crossings will keep us safe. Every time you come to a crossing it is your choice to check and know what is coming your way. Know the limits of the oncoming train.Every railroad crossing you will encounter will have warning devices to let you know where trains could be crossing. Some of these devices are signs, pavement markings, flashing lights, and…show more content…
Those are there to keep you safe when a train is speeding by. You should always be even more careful when it is dark and warning signs are not as visible.Warning devices can only do so much, you have to know tips of being and driving on railroads. The lesson for this assignment gives us a list of tips which are:“Expect a Train on Any Track at Any TimeDon’t Get Trapped on a Railroad CrossingGet Out of Your Vehicle if it StallsWatch Out for Second TrainsNever Drive Around GatesNever Race a TrainWatch for Vehicles That Must Stop at Railroad CrossingsDon’t Misjudge the Speed and Distance of the Train”( of these tips will keep us safe. They will also help us to know what to do if something were to happen while crossing a train track. Do’s and Don’ts should be very well studied incase something alike could happen to you.In the movie clip “It’s your choice” ( it tells us that thousands of people are killed every year, and even more injured because the are not being careful around

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