Cause And Effect Essay On Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking is an epidemic that has seeped into the crevices of American life. High school students and parents alike acknowledge “partying” as an essential, if not ingrained, part of the holistic college experience. There are multiple factors that contribute to someone 's tendency to drink. In reviewing of previous work there is analysis in multiple different factors and their effects. There are quite a few characteristics that determine propensity to drink before a student even reaches a college campus. The personality of the student has an obvious effect. Those that are impulse and risk-seeking increase their likelihood of drinking more in college (Shou and Kazemi). There is also the parenting style and environment the parents create before college. Children with parents that are low involvement or pro-alcohol drink more than those that had high-monitoring parents (parenting). Once a student reaches college their decision can also affect the chance they drink more or less than their peers. The largest contributor is where on campus they live. Students who elect to live in greek life drink more than both ther on campus housing and off campus housing (1994). This effect is seen greatest with women in greek life versus non-greek women. The men did not have comparably as high of a difference (vanessa).
Although, school have ways to prevent the typical drinking of college students. In one study, there was a large correlation between internships and decreasing drinking,

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