Cause And Effect Essay On Washington Prison

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In Washington prison inmates that haven’t get there high diploma has to get it while in prison. With the school the inmate have to go to school every day to complete their diploma. There are also a gym where the inmate can play sports they also have a gym teacher. When the month of May comes there are over one hundred inmates that graduate for Washington prison. This is the most inmates that graduate from all the state in the states. Only the older inmates don’t have to go to school. Washington also have the largest sex program in the country. There were one inmate that got his mas The youngest inmates are sixteen old but they are separate for the older inmates. This is because the older inmates may take advantage of the younger inmate. The younger inmates gives the most trouble in the prison. This is because they are have young minds than the old inmates. The younger inmates are allow to play video games in prison but only on the weekend for one hour. They also have until the age of eighteen to play the video games. There are six hundred and seventy four cameras in the prison. The door is control from the security boot. Once the officer pass the nub the…show more content…
The Washington facility was the amount of inmates graduated from prison a year with their high diplomas. In Washington the education is very uplifting and successful in order for all these inmate to graduate. Cummings the way the security guards operates and the way the take their job seriously. Well in Voner is when I saw the area of inmates who are of dead road, the place they have free time in. It’s outside but in a cage, how that free time and the inmates is still behind bars. I got to understand that those inmates are very dangerous people. Wrightsville was the way the prison was step up and how all the building are outside. Even when it rains or snows the inmate still come outside to go to school or for
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