Cause And Effect Essay On World War 1

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World War 1 is known as the commonly regarded as the most horrific war in the existence of man, and recounts of the war show exactly why. The nickname given to this war exemplifies the sheer magnitude of the war and its greatness as its coined the name “The Great War.” The war began in 1914 and ended in 1918 due to a cease fire, though the war lasted only 4 years its effect on the world would never be forgotten. The war exemplified many arguments but the clearest of all was the horrid combination of antiquated ideals paired with new age society and technology ultimately leading to a prolonged, destructive war. The years of peace leading up to the war amplified the war in multiple facets and paired with new age weaponry was a significant reason…show more content…
The war wasn’t started by one single thing, there were many factors leading to the war, most importantly was the amount of tensions in Europe. There were many factors including nationalism, militarism, alliances, and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. The nationalism contributed to tensions of many countries and even prolonged the war due to countries wanting to flex their power. Imperialism also contributed heavily to increased tensions, that ultimately led to the war, due to the desire for increasing their countries power by obtaining land and resources. The last straw was the assassination of Archduke of Austria Hungary Franz Ferdinand by Serbian assassins. Though the assassination initially caused a war just between the two countries, an intricate system of alliances led to the grand scale war we know now as World War 1. The alliances aligned the countries into two groups known as the allies and central powers. The countries under the name allied powers were: Great Britain, France, Serbia, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Greece, and Japan. The countries under the name Central powers were: Germany,
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