Cause And Effect Essay On Year Round School

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An important part of any person’s life is their education. It can be from a public school system or from being taught at home. Naturally, people should want their children to receive a good education. Schools will have many different ideas on how to improve themselves. One idea that some schools have is to have class all year round, but there could be some undesirable consequences if they implement it. A positive effect of the plan has to do with a student’s retention of knowledge. In a school that has a three month summer break, students forget some of the knowledge they had learned. In a year-round school, the students would retain more of their knowledge. They will still forget a few things, but it is not nearly as much as their counterparts who have a three month break. Less time will have to be spent reviewing lost material, and it can be spent on learning new material. There are naturally some internal changes within the school if it adopts this idea. Academic performance might increase from the change. However, it is not guaranteed. There have been many studies that have tested this idea, however several ended up with inconclusive results (Sexton 80). It can also interfere with extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities will have difficulty fitting into a year-round schedule. However, after doing it…show more content…
Students will retain more of their knowledge over their breaks. Academic performance might improve, and some difficulty arises when scheduling extracurricular activities. Summer camps and other similar programs take a drastic hit from this decision. Summer employment of students becomes basically impossible, and juvenile delinquency should go down with the smaller breaks. A school system would have to carefully analyze their situation to see if the effects of a year-round school year would benefit their
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