Cause And Effect Essay: The Cause Of The Civil War

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The Cause of the Civil War The Civil War was a war between the United States of America, and Southern States that had seceded shortly before the war started. It is stated, by U.S, that one of every twenty-five American men died in this conflict, which totals over 640,000 deaths. This being said, looking at the cause of this major event, that shaped our country, is very important. The one immediate cause of this conflict, that happened April 12, 1861, was the one shot fired at Fort Sumter, between Union soldiers stationed at the fort and Confederate forces outside. It is unknown which side fired the shot, but after this one shot, both sides fired towards each other, starting a war that wouldn’t end for another four years. This event was the main cause for the Civil War,…show more content…
The differences of the beliefs and ideals, of northern and southern government officials, led to the need for compromises, if anything were to be done at all, which eventually resulted in The Kansas-Nebraska Act, of 1854. The compromises beforehand kept the balance of free-states and slave states, but this act allowed popular sovereignty, which made both sides uneasy. Popular sovereignty would allow new states to chose if they would become a free state or a slave state, which would most likely result in the balance being lost. In earlier drafts, Nebraska was supposed to be a free state, and Kansas was supposed to be a slave state. The new compromise was supported by the people of Kansas, because most wanted Kansas to become a free state, and very few people in Kansas owned slaves. Pro-slavery groups in Missouri, however, did

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