Cause And Effect In Giovanni's Room By James Baldwin

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Giovanni’s Room: Cause/Effect The novel Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin surrounds itself in the main character’s confusion. The main character named David does not know what he wants in life and thus he makes many mistakes. David has emotionally hurt other people and himself. According, to Greenwell Garth in an interview the author James Baldwin said most of his inspiration came from his real-life experience. In this interview James Baldwin, explained that he decided to write about white colored characters seeing that if he written about homosexual Negros people would not have read the novel at that time. Although, that was not the main schism of the book. The book is about David wanting to love a woman, but he’s sexually attracted to men and he wanted to have it both ways realizing later that he can’t. According, to Shoomp David’s mother died when he was extremely young and his aunt Ellen took over her place. His aunt raised him thinking he will become a strong, confident, straight man someday and that is all the concepts he ever knew. Hence, in the novel it says “A man,” said Ellen, shortly, “Is not the same thing a bull. Goodnight” (Baldwin, 48). The novel states “A man” serval times throughout his youth demonstrating how his entire life he was told to be a man who works to provide for his wife and kids. This…show more content…
This is like the butterfly effect demonstrating that small causes can have large effects. If David would have dated Giovanni, their future would have been different and unnecessary deaths would have been prevented. Also, if David would have been truthful with Hella, her emotional distress would have been prevented too. Additionally, there were many little situations in the novel that end up in terrible effects which could also have been prevented nevertheless, people always learn from all their experiences and James Baldwin expressed that in the

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