Cause And Effect Of 9/11

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The catastrophic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, continue to have a notable effect on the United States. Nineteen members linked to the Islamic radical group Al-Qaeda executed suicide attacks; they took over four jet airliners, American Airlines Boeing 767 Flight 11, United Airlines Boeing 767 Flight 173, American Airlines Boeing 757 Flight 77 and United Airlines Boeing 757 Flight 93. Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center North Tower in New York, NY. Shortly after, Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center South Tower. Afterwards, Flight 77 blasted into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The passengers on Flight 93 managed to attack the hijackers; however, they crashed and there were no survivors.
To comprehend the effects of September 11, 2001, (9/11) we must look at precise areas. We begin by focusing on the loss of life “the death of almost 3,000 people in the attack was a loss to New York City and to the nation” (Bram, Orr and Rapaport 2). Statistics show the ages of the victims extended from two to 85 years; also, according to CNN, “75-80 percent of the victims were men”. Furthermore, in Washington at the Pentagon, 184 people were assassinated when the hijackers purposely crashed into the building. 40 passengers and crew members on flight 93 expired when the fourth aircraft smashed into a field in Pennsylvania.
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Before 9/11, the main concern was in China and Russia. Chief Officials did not consider terrorism of high importance. In reaction to the attacks, the administration established a “Global War on terror”. The purpose of the Global War on Terror, was to hinder Terrorists from being funded or having access to the weapons needed to execute a terrorist attack. “The President fired the first shot in the war on terrorism with the stroke of his pen to seize terrorist financial assets and disrupt their fundraising pipelines” (The Global War on Terrorism: the First 100
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