Cause And Effect Of Advertisement

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1.1 – Background of Study
This study is a research on Humor in Television Ads: The effect of the Brand Repetition and Consumers’ Attitude among Malaysian Youth. Nowadays, advertisements become an important medium in economy. The main objective of advertisement is to increase the demand of society by ensuring the trust of the society in the mind of consumers. In consumer’s perception, advertising provides them some or more information about the product and influencing their decision to purchase it. The key successes for an advertiser have been their ability to influence the consumer decisions and impression (Giles, 2003)
Consumer demand is determined by the information provided by the advertisements in the modern world. Some of advertisements are popular among consumer not only because of the special quality of the products but also the creativity applied on the advertisement. Since advertisements are often used tools Wells, Burnett and Moriarty (2003) point out 3 dimensions characterising effective advertisement which is strategy, creativity and execution (the details, photography, setting and printing).

In order to make the advertisement become effective and interesting, advertiser should carefully examine the target audience and message created, whether this advertisement can be advertised in that group or not. There are a large number of the advertisement that running in airwaves but the creativity applied in the advertisement can stick to
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