Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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On average, 160,000 kids skip school per day due to causes related to bullying and about 3.2 million every year nationwide. Over 77 percent of students report being bullied at some point in their educational path (E. Barkhorn, October 2013). Although simple facts like these state the truth, they do not account for the hurt and fear stowed upon children at such a young age. Bullying can be detrimental to all parties involved, even the environment. The causes of bullying may vary, but the effects it has on people all have something in common, they aren’t good. This type of malicious behavior forced upon naive children can cause lifelong effects, one of them being the fear of acceptance. Victims become alienated and isolated due to irrelevant differences pointed out by a bully. This fear of acceptance can even transform into types of anxiety and depression when its at its severity. When dealing with negative mindsets like this, caused by mistreatment, grades often start to deteriorate as well. On average, there is a 14 percent difference in correlation of grades between victims of bullying and those who have not experienced it. Though bullying affects everyone mental state differently, it still can hurt even the strongest of people. When it comes to bullies, the majority of them struggle with a substandard life at home. Quite often, parents do not know how to handle misbehavior of children and handle it wrongfully. This can come out in verbal disturbances, physical contact,

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