Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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ullying, the act of repeatedly picking out one person and hurting them in one way or another, causes physical, emotional, and psychological setbacks. Bullying presents itself in many places, like the work place, schools, and, sometimes, even at home. For many, everyone encounters bullying at some point throughout life. Many reasons supposedly cause bullying, and many people ask how does the bullying affect the victim. Bullying effects on victims are plentiful also. The causes of bullying may not directly impact the victims, but the effects on the victims can last a lifetime. Some bullies bully simply because they want to feel more important or popular. They want to feel a rush of power over someone. They develop the feeling that they need a victim, someone who seems lesser in some sort of way (Aluede, 2008). The feeling often overpowers the view of right and wrong. They want to feel accepted by others in a larger scale, and they see it as a way to become more important and powerful over others. Even in the modern time, bullying presents itself in many different places. Many believe bullying, serves as a natural part of growing up, and finds its way into everyone’s life. Around 119 children participated in a group study involving bullying. Ann Frisen, a professor at the University of Gothenburg, concludes, “39% indicated that they had been bullied at some time during their school years and 28% said that they had bullied others; 13% reported being victims and bullies”

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