Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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CRIME OR CHILDISH ACTION? Adolescence years which are the most important times of someone 's life are about self-awareness, searching for a new identity, formation of personality and not only physical but also mental changes and it can be affected by anything. Along with changing hormones and environment where student lives or is exposed to, there may be observed violent behaviors and/or bullying actions. Bullying can have different connotation for different people but as a dictionary definition, it means abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful ( Marriam-Webstar Dictionary). Among the students, especially in the high schools, bullying is some kind of power-seeking and it is a common behavior. Most of the time, it could be seen as giving a name or mocking with physical appearance, but sometimes it can include violence; however, both of them can affect bullied students ' life negatively and permanently. There are two main effects of bullying on students who are bullied. First of all, when students are bullied in school there may face with relationship problems. To start with, bullied children may experience social relationship problems because of the things s/he went through. Due to lack of confidence and insecurities, they may refuse to socialize. Loving and valuing yourself are two of the most important values for life, so destroying it can permanently damage someone’s
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