What Is The Cause Of Climate Change

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Climate change has been a general issue in various part of the world including European countries. The weather patterns on which we used to rely on are continuously changing. The behavior of the atmosphere has differed compared to the period of 30 or 60 years ago. The concept of climate change is accepted worldwide (IPPCC 2012). The global average temperature increased by about 0.8°C from 2005, but the current warming trend is 0.13 – 0.16 °C per decade, and it is projected to continue to rise at a rapid rate (Hansen et al.2010). The effect of the activities of man especially in technologically advanced nations, has brought about emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases which has resulted in the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming (Hegerl et al., 1997; Tett et al., 1999, 2002; Stott et al., 2000).These can be seen from the changes in meteorological parameters such as temperature and precipitation.
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