Cause And Effect Of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying has become a bigger threat to the victims, and the community at large. Most people tend to think of bullying being done by one person to another by either verbal or physical abuse. It is a stereotype that has being going on throughout pop culture. As the years go on people have found other ways of bullying such as “Cyber Bullying”. Although it means less physical abuse it still causes mental abuse, and can have a more tragic and long-lasting effect on the person. Teachers and adults need to realize how dangerous this new way of bullying has become and how it has greatly impacted kids live in and outside of the classroom. Cyber bullying involves many things, some of which are: gossip, humiliation, or threats. One way cyber bullying can be used is by spreading gossip. According to the Kamaron Institute, “Cyber bullying often takes the form of cyber gossip, where damaging context is based on whim; not facts, and is posted on social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook” (Ross 1). Bullying takes a heavy toll on the victims no matter how they are bullied. Cyber-gossip is one of the most frequent forms of bullying because it takes place over a screen. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, “Subjects of rumors were bullied frequently by 17 percent and overall bullied ever by 59.9 percent” (Nansel et al. 1). Bullies can build on gossip and create stories and ugliness about a student that can go viral in a matter of seconds. People
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