Cause And Effect Of Cyber Crime

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Any criminal activity using a computer either as a tool, medium or as a victim is Cyber Crime. This paper deals with online frauds which have multifaceted effects. The wide range of digital frauds include phishing, romance scams, investment scams, job racketing, financial fraud, identity theft, malware etc.The fraudsters use different technologies such as key logging, malware, social engineering to commit such crimes. The victims of online frauds generally have financial,psychological and emotional impact on their life. Online frauds not only affects the individual but also have an impact on the society. The Norton 's report on Impact of Cyber Crime on Consumers, said that "India is among the world 's top 5 countries with the highest number of incidents of cyber crime like ransom ware (11%), identity theft (11%) and phishing (9%). India appears to be the ransom ware capital of Asia Pacific". Hence, this paper deals with the causes, effects of online frauds and the measures to be taken by the stakeholders, especially police to reduce the risk of exposure of individuals to online frauds. PESTELO Factors i) Political The fraudsters usually pose themselves as businessmen, students from other countries especially Nigeria. They come to India on a short visit, commit crime and flee away. A ban cannot be imposed on Nigerians from entering a democratic country like India as it will affect the bilateral relationship between the countries. Eg. STRUXNET is the best example of

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