Cause And Effect Of Deforestation Essay

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Effect of Deforestation causes a Global Warming of the Earth Deforestation gives effect to the earth and many species or living thing that live in the earth. Most of the earth occupied with increase human population, animal, insect, plant and other living thing. Forest is the place where we get our resource and habitat for animal and other rare species of plant. Many important function of forest can benefit human if we protect and maintain the original feature of the forest without disturb the forest. The disturbance of forest such as deforestation can give effect to the earth, animal, plant and other living thing. It will destroy the exotic species of plant and extinction of animal. Effect of deforestation contributes to the change of temperature of the earth. Forest can control the rate of transpiration and evapotranspiration in plant. Deforestation increases the water evaporation to the atmosphere. Cloud can form by the process evapotransporation from the forest. If the trees in the forest are cut down, the evapotranspiration will affect the cloud formation and wind movement that help in regulating the temperature. Furthermore, increase evapotranspiration indirectly reduce the moisture circulation surrounding the soil and increase of the rainfall that control the temperature of the atmosphere. The precipitation will increase extremely and cause the land become dryer. The dryer land make reduction of the relative humidity causes the air temperature to increase. The
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