Cause And Effect Of Distracted Driving

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In 2010, over three thousand people lost their lives due to the carelessness of others. These innocent people died because they were too distracted with their phones or other distractions rather than paying attention to the road. While driving, people have to pay attention to the road. There are other drivers, traffic signs, pedestrians, and many other obstacles to be aware of. The effects of distracted driving are car accidents, traffic violations, and long-term emotional issues.
Distracted driving can lead to car accidents. When people do other things, it can be result in an car accidents. According to the Safe Motorist website, “In 2010, 3092 people were killed in a crash involving a distracted driver” (Safemotorist). That is over 3000 people who did not go home to their families. Texting, being lost in thought, adjusting the radio, eating, and not paying attention to the road might cause an accident. None of these activities are worth losing lives. Distracted driving can also lead to traffic fines and penalties.
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When a person kills an innocent person that memory will stay with them forever. Over the years people have forgiven themselves because they killed an innocent person just because they wanted to look at their phone.
The three main effects of distracted driving are; car accidents, traffic violations, and long-term emotional issues. Car accidents are the biggest effect of distracted driving. If you don’t pay attention to the traffic sign and you are going over the speed limit that is a traffic violation caused by distracted driving. Long-term emotional issues can stick with you for a long period of time. Overall, distracted driving is dangerous to both the people who are driving distracted and also to innocent
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