Cause And Effect Of Earthquake

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All of these causes bring countless effects environmentally, economically, socially and even politically. The repercussions, consequences and ultimately the chain of effects are generated after such disaster occurs. Earthquakes are without a doubt, one of the most fatal and destructive natural phenomena mankind ever experiences. One small effect can bring a thousand more struggles. Earthquakes’ effects range from many aspects, one of which is in terms of environment. Tsunamis and landslides are the frontrunner effects of earthquakes. Tsunamis are a series of water waves caused when the seafloor moves vertically in an earthquake. When an earthquake reached coastlines up to the land of the sea, there is an up rise level of water from these bodies of water causing damages when it overflows to the city. Landslides are generated due to direct rupture and sustained shaking especially in unstable slopes on mountains. Liquefaction also happened when sediment grains are made to float in groundwater, which causes the soil to lose all its solidity. Ground ruptures also are present when different levels of land converge with one another causing breaks from what was once a whole road, for instance. Fires can also break out after the collapse of buildings and wires after an earthquake occurs. When it comes to people, or the social effect, people have the tendency to feel emotional traumas due to the loss of lives of their loved ones. It can also make displaced them from their home as
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