Cause And Effect Of Flood

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A flood is a natural event or a disaster. The area or land that is usually dry, suddenly gets in deeper water. Some floods suddenly occurs and go away quickly, where others take days or even months to come and go back.

When floods happen in an area, the water carries along and heavy objects like houses, bridges, cars, and even people. It can wash away farms, trees and many other items.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause floods.
Extra-tropical cyclones, also cause flooding and storm surge.
Heavy rains, and winter storms bring flooding to rivers.
Overburdened or closed drainage systems can also lead to damage both within and outside floodplains.
Construction and new development affect natural drainage and create new flood risks

Some of the water are absorbed into the ground, if the ground does have enough water, the rest of the water has to go somewhere eventually, the water rushes into creeks and then rivers.
If the rains continue for hours the poor rivers can 't handle that much water in that short period of time. The water then begins to overflow.

The death toll from floods rain leave thousands people homeless.

The National Disaster Management Authority said the flooding has affected more than 800,000 people in 2,275 villages. About 2,900 houses have collapsed or are partially damaged.

Flood storms cause damage to agriculture, as well as other things. Floods damage fertile land, agricultural crops and also carry away the rich soil that making the land

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