Pollution Essay: The Main Cause Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a problem that is rapidly changing the earth in a negative way that increases the earth 's temperature which could cause a drought in your area , in fact it will leave your town in a shortage of water for a long period of time. The extreme heat from global warming can melt glaciers, as a result the oceans sea levels will surely rise possible destroying the land around the water and many homes will be ruined by this. People can help by using less water while collecting rain water if it rains during a drought so more people can store it for later just incase the drought gets any worst.

Some people do not believe in global warming, but in fact it is real and it is the increase in the earth 's temperature which is part of greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse gases trap the heat that rises into the atmosphere and it allows less gases to leave the atmosphere. The heat that is trapped gets built up even more over time and that causes the heat to rise which is part of global warming.Global warming is a problem that causes the earth 's temperature to increase because gasses from burning fossil fuels get trapped in the atmosphere.
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This effect occurs when there is too much pollution in the air from burned fossil fuels that could have came from cars or factories. The gas from the fuels rise and there is so much of it rising in the atmosphere that it gets trapped. The causes for global warming are all caused by people around the world because we the people drive cars and we as a species have factories that run on fossil

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