Cause And Effect Of Hurricane

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In these day, hurricane is the one of the most terrifying disaster that occur on many countries in this world, it can cause damage and harmful to people. Hurricane is a huge storm that form above the ocean then move to the land and we call it “hurricane” when the wind speeds reach up to 74 mph. However, these storm are call in different names depends on the location that they occur. For example, we call it “typhoon” in Pacific Ocean, “cyclone” in Indian Ocean, etc. In these essay, we will point on the two-main cause and two-main negative effect of the hurricane and some idea of the basic preparation.
One of the reason that cause hurricane it’s depend on environment. Hurricane use the warm air and warm ocean as the power of the storm. As being said, the warm temperature that form above the ocean create the rotating wind because when warm air and cool air are touching together then it makes an area of lower pressure, warm air is lighter than cool air so higher air pressure pushes into the lower pressure area and it cause hurricane.
Second reason that cause hurricane is the global warming, you might didn 't know that the climate change can lead to the storm and another natural disaster. According to a research of George Tselioudis, a research scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and Columbia University, global warming will increase and also decrease the temperature such as in the equator a temperature is hot and dry. On the other hand, temp in the pole

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